ALBUM REVIEW: The Memories / Home Style

The Memories just recently released their new album, Home Style, and it’s a short lo-fi album that is pretty decent. We decided to give it a listen and tell you what we thought of it.

Photo via Gnar Tapes

Photo via Gnar Tapes

The albums first track, “I Got That Feeling Once Again”, starts off with an upbeat acoustic guitar riff and then we’re introduced to the vocals that bring back some distant nostalgic memories in us. The short track talks of the same thing we experienced, a returning nostalgic. The track ends with a fun upbeat guitar solo and we’re suddenly in the next track

The next track “Love to Break Your Heart” starts out with a guitar riff reminiscent of some of Mac Demarco’s material. The low vocals sound drowned out and don’t quite sound like this is the song where they belong. The song is a relaxing tune that fits well within the aesthetic of the album.

After that, the next song is “I’m Easy” which has a nice fuzzy bassline but it seems subdued with some unused potential. The track is under a minute and kind of seems like a filler song.

The fourth track, titled “My Local Girl” opens up with a warm guitar riff and the vocals on this track stand out among the other songs, especially in the chorus as they are layered on top of each other seemingly out of time.

Then we’re on to the fifth track, “Drain My Brain” which start out with a guitar riff that sounds way too familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. The vocals on this track are warm and welcoming but seem distant.

The next track, “Don’t Be a Fool” is one of the better songs on the album with a well-made guitar riff along with group sung vocals really tie the song together well although the song is quite short, ending at a little bit over the minute mark.

“See Me Through” is the longest song on the album, clocking in at about three and a half minutes but it is not one of the best. The vocals seem out of place especially the deeper ones that come in later in the song.

The song “Dancing in My Dreams” starts out with a synth that seems way to similar to Alphaville’s “Forever Young” (see here) and later on a brighter synth comes in which compliments it well. The drums that come in further on in the song seem completely out of place. Around the 2:49 mark, we are greeted with those not-so-appealing deeper vocals again that still seem way out of place.

Following that track is the next one “Crash on My Heart” which has a nice bassline but we were not a fan of the rest of the instrumentation. The vocals on this one were ok but nothing special.

The next track, “Don’t Be a Drag” is a decent song but there’s something off slightly with the vocals which is one of the few parts of this song we have a problem with. The chorus of “Girl, all you do is break me down” is quite catchy and will stick in your head for a while.

“Do You” is the eleventh song on the album which has good instrumentation but the vocals bring it down once more. The next track, named

The next song, titled “Gently”, opens up with a warm sounding guitar riff that leads us into the song that is entirely instrumental and frankly quite boring and repetitive.

The instrumental track is followed by “Labor of Love” which has some nice, well distorted guitar and is quite catchy but could be improved upon.

“Long Hard Road” is the next song that doesn’t really stand out and is yet another one dampened by the vocals but the problem with it here is that the vocals seem a tiny bit too loud compared to the instrumental.

The next song falls just under a minute long and is called “She’s at the Show” and opens up will a delayed guitar riff but the next guitar that comes in drones it out to where the delayed riff seems irrelavent for the rest of the song, even though it’s present in other parts. It’s just too distanced from the rest of the song.

The next track is “I Went Walking in the Rain” and is one of the more enjoyable tracks. It is another acoustic song and it’s warm and nostalgic. The song brings memories of spring and the guitar that comes in later is quite enjoyable and is a good addition to the song.

The last track on the album is “Knock on That Door” which is a great song until the vocals come in and when they come in, it’s just an ok song. The lyrics are not that interesting and the vocals seem out of place once more.

Home Style was a short album with a lot of tracks that I believe should’ve been developed to be longer songs with less tracks on the album. The album wasn’t bad at all though, it was an enjoyable album, especially if you like lo-fi music or are a fan of Burger Records bands.




7/31-Seattle, WA at The Future w/ Iji
8/1 – Tacoma, WA at Powerhaus
8/2- Olympia, WA w/ Malaikat Dan Singa
8/3- Portland, OR
8/4- Vancouver, BC at The Red Gate
8/5- Richland, WA w/ Holly Barkem and Spirit Animals at Emerald of Siam
8/6- Boise, ID at tba
8/7- Salt Lake City, UT at tba
8/8- Denver, CO at Rhinoceropolis
8/9- Boulder, CO at tba
8/10- Lincoln NE at The Tree House
8/11- Iowa City, IA at Trumpet Blossom Cafe
8/12- Minneapolis, MN at tba
8/13- Madison, WI at Mickey’s Tavern
8/14- Rock Island, IL at Rozz Tox with GOSH
8/15- Chicago, IL at Situations
8/16- Chicago, IL at tba
8/17- Louisville, KY at tba
8/18- Lexington, KY at The Green Lantern w/ Shawnthony Calypso
8/19- Athens, OH at tba


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