TRACK REVIEW: Westerman / Harvard

“Harvard” is the debut single of up and coming London artist, Westerman. Recording and writing his new EP between the cities of London and Tuscany, it’s easy to see the geographical influences of the song as well as influences he’s cited such as John Martyn and Nick Drake. This track shows that you need to keep an eye on Westerman this year and definitely check out his EP when it comes out.

Reverb soaked vocals are the base of the song along with a nice acoustic guitar that compliments his voice well. Another part of the song I really love is the whistle that comes unexpectedly but is welcomed immediately. It’s a lush track that shows Westerman’s talent and I’m sad to hear the song end as we reach the final refrain of “Everybody’s coming back from Harvard”.

Westerman has shown us his songwriting talent with his first release and I believe future releases will be promising too. “Harvard” is a catchy song that’ll stick in your head and you’ll love it when it does. I look forward to his upcoming EP and hope everything on it will boast the strength that “Harvard” has.





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