ALBUM REVIEW: Horse Jumper of Love / Horse Jumper of Love

Boston based slow rock trio, Horse Jumper of Love, have released their first full length album. Following 2015’s Make-Out Version EP, you can see how much their sound has expanded since the EP to the new self titled album.


The album starts out with the track “Ugly Brunette”, which is song we’ve heard demos for but the final product really shows how far the song has come and how it’s developed into something completely fleshed out versus the original acoustic version. The song is a great intro to the album and to Horse Jumper of Love’s sound on the record. Fuzzy guitar upon more fuzzy, distorted guitar makes a beautiful combination of noise. This song is one of the highlights of the album.

July 5th” is the next song on the record and it’s a track that consists of detuned, distorted guitars and later on a spoken word part. It’s a good song to put in as an interval, even though we’re only two songs into the album.

Up third is the song “Bagel Breath”, which is another older Horse Jumper of Love song that ended up on the record. The slow but loud and powerful track has really transformed from the original version that only clocked in at two minutes. Both versions of the track are enjoyable but this version feels more complete compared to the EP version.

The next song on the album is the beautiful track, “Spaceman”. On this track we take a break from distorted guitars and return to the more acoustic sound that we first heard from Horse Jumper of Love. This is another one of my favorite tracks on the album; it’s one of those songs I loved from the first time I heard it and will probably love it the thousandth time I hear it.

Third is the track “I Want to Paint Horses… And to Have a Horse”. It acts as another interval as the song drones on with a repetitive beat and vocal samples throughout.

“DIRT” is the next song on the album and it was the first song we got from Horse Jumper of Love and it’s now making a return on their debut album. Repetitive lyrics lace the song and eventually lead us into a pure distorted noise section that is entrancing and

Up next is “Sun Poisoning” and it’s a pretty good track but an odd rhythm on the cymbals really throws me off from the track. Everything else about the track is pretty good but it isn’t one of my favorite songs on the record.

The last song on the album is “i love you very much forever” and mumbled vocals and lofi production makes the listener feel both close with the music but also distanced from it at the same time. The slow song brings the album to a nice close, but does feel the listener feeling a bit empty at the end of it all as it comes to a sudden end.

Overall, Horse Jumper of Love’s debut album is a pretty solid album despite a few flaws throughout it. The album clocks in at under thirty minutes, which if I were you, I would set aside 30 minutes to listen to this album sometime in your future.




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