ALBUM REVIEW: Hovvdy / Taster

Austin based duo, Hovvdy, are one of my favorite bands this year because of the singles they had released earlier this year and now the new album, Taster (Out April 15th on Sports Day Records) really proved that even more. Hovvdy is really starting to get their name out in the world and are getting the attention that they deserve and this album will get them even more because of the sheer quality of the songs on it.


First up on the album is the fuzzy and warm song, “Better”, which really is a good intro to the album. With the analog white noise and the lo-fi recording, the song really feels close to home and feels as it Hovvdy gave you your own personal tape of recordings and that is a great feeling to have.

The next track on the album is the single “Problem”, which is a song that I really fell in love with on the first listen. Even though the song is only a bit over two and a half minutes, it feels as if the song could go on forever and never become boring or tiresome. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album because of this; it’s a song that’ll stick with you long after the first couple of listens.

“Meg” (Read our original track review of “Meg” here) is another single from the album and another song that is one of the best on the album. It’s a super dreamy track that really brings a bunch of elements together in beautiful harmony, much like all the other songs on the album do and the way Hovvdy can do that constantly is why they are one of my favorites so far this year.

Fourth on the album is the track “Try Hard” which has one of my favorite drum parts on the album along with being my absolute favorite track on the album. It’s one of my favorites on the album. It’s an intimate song with beautiful songwriting and beautiful production and instruments. If you only listen to handful of songs from this record, make this one of them.

The next song is another catchy and beautiful track, “In My head”. It’s a personal and powerful song that’ll really stick in your head throughout the day. Even though it has a short run time, every second of it is memorable.

Up next is the song “Favorite” is another track filled with fuzzy guitar that combines with personal lyrics and lo-fi vocals to make another great song. It’s a short song packed with emotion to the brim.

“Note” is the next song on the album and it’s a song that really accomplishes quite the feat with instrumentation. The song just has so much going on instrumentally at once that should clash but rather it comes together great.

As we cross the halfway point in the album, we hear the amazing song, “Can’t Wait”. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs on the album and it really deserves a listen from you. It’s a fuzz filled journey filled with great songwriting and genius instrumentation.

The song “Pretend” is slow synth driven track that is really a change from the rest of the album. It’s a really refreshing song that gets us ready for the album coming to a close. The song is catchy and a pretty great song; it ranks high on my list of favorites on this album. It reminds me somewhat of the new Porches album ,which I loved, in the best way.

“Friend” is another song that had me at the first listen. I could listen to this song on endless loop and never get tired of it. It’s another one of the must listen songs on the album because of how much it can hook a listener on it and keep them coming back for more.

The last track on the album is the slow song “Left Out”. It’s a beautiful yet simple song that brings the album to a perfect close. As the song winds down and the album comes to an end, it’s really a beautiful moment where everything from the album comes together into one final product.

Hovvdy has created a beautiful debut album that is one of the best debut album I’ve heard from a band. They have established their sound and create emotion all throughout the record that the listener can really feel. As soon as you have a chance to listen to this album, you need to.




4/25 – Austin, TX – French House (LP Release)


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