ALBUM REVIEW: Mulligrub / Soft Grudge

Winnipeg based band, Mulligrub, are one of my favorite new bands of the year and their debut album shows that they should be one of yours too. With powerful vocals that showcase equally powerful lyrics, Mulligrub are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Mulligrub press pic 3 by eric roberts

Photo by Eric Roberts

The album opens up with the emotional and personal song, “Canadian Classic” and it’s really a perfect song to start the song off with. The vocals on the track are impressive and powerful, especially right in the chorus. It’s easy to see influences of PS Eliot and other rock bands with such powerful lyrics in this song and other songs throughout the album.

Second on the album is the track, “Chicken”, and it’s a slowdown compared to the last track but it doesn’t stay that way for long. A thumping bassline drives the song and as the song builds up to the crash into the chorus, it really creates a moment that makes time stand still as it launches into the full energy of the chorus.

“NFLD” is the next song on the album and it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s an intimate song that makes you feel almost as lead vocalist, Kelly Campbell, is singing to you and only you and that’s such a hard thing to achieve and it’s amazing that they did it so well.

The next track “Mountains and Houses” isn’t one of my favorite songs on the album but I still think it’s pretty great. Harmonized vocals really make the song come together and feel warm and welcoming to the listener. The song really does have a powerful moment towards the end when the united refrain of “Til it’s gone” goes on to the end of the song.

Fifth on the album is “Europe” and it’s another one of my favorite songs from the album. The energy that Mulligrub has packed into this song is pretty incredible and it seeps out from the speakers into the listener making you just want to jam out completely. The song just keeps building on this until Campbell is literally yelling the lyrics out and so much emotion comes from that and I’m just blown away by it.

The next two tracks on the album were featured in a previous review and now hearing them in the context of the album makes them sound even better. “Homo Milk” is the first track of the two and it’s a huge contrast compared to the last track. It’s a slower song that really lets us recover from the pure energy from the last one while still being brimming with energy itself that’s on the verge of breaking out.

Up next is the second track of the two and it’s titled “The Man In the Moon”
and that’s where that energy does break out. It immediately starts out with a fast and catchy guitar riff that is then accompanied by fast vocals that really seal all the elements on the song together. As the refrain of “I miss you already” is sang, you can really feel the emotion of the song all come together before it ends.

“Song About the Man” is another powerful song that shows Mulligrub’s exceptional talent at writing lyrics. The song starts out messy at first but quickly pulls itself together and becomes something special that makes it another one of my favorite tracks on the album.

As we’re inching towards the end, we get to hear the song, “Anyways However” and it’s another intensely personal song that really feels like a intimate moment between the listener and the band as the lyrics are shared with them. It’s really a nice song and another one of the highlights on the album, especially because of the shear songwriting talent displayed in it.

The last song on the album  is“Sprite Zero”, which really closes out the album well and brings it to a solid conclusion. It’s one of the songs on the album that I found sticking in my head the most and found myself coming back to it time after time to listen to it again.

Mulligrub have really released a solid debut album that showcases their talent and the pure energy that they have in their songs. It shows that if you aren’t already listening to Mulligrub, you need to be.






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