EP REVIEW: Heavy Times / Dancer EP

Chicago band, Heavy Times, have been around in the incredible Chicago scene for a while and with their new EP, Dancer (Out May 7th on Randy Records) they are now truly starting to be one of the stand out bands in it. With a scene that birthed such bands as Twin Peaks and The Orwells, it’s hard to stand out, but Heavy Times is on their way to doing that.


The first track, “Dancer”, is a synth driven track that is one that really gets stuck in your head because of the repetitive lyrics that drill into your head in a good way. Heavy synths and guitar solos show the band’s new wave influences in their work. It’s a great intro to the EP and to the band’s sound.

“Midnight Highway” is the next track and catchy guitar riffs really make this track memorable. The chorus of the song is a truly fun experience that makes you want to get up and dance to it.

Up next is “Coptic Rot” and this is my favorite song on the EP. It shows the band’s punk roots and really is full of pure energy throughout it. It’s one of those songs that I’d imagine would be truly amazing to experience live because of all of that energy packed into it.

Immediately on this track, “Edge of the Night”, you are greeted with an incredible thumping bass that drives the power of the song through the remainder of it. It’s not my favorite on the EP but it’s still a pretty solid song. It brings the EP to a nice close that leaves me excited for the next Heavy Times release.

Heavy Times have created a solid EP that really showcases the diversity of their sound while also keeping one distinct sound. It’s a perfect mix of punk, new wave, and everything in between. If you aren’t listening to Heavy Times already, you should put the Dancer EP on for a spin sometime this week.




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