Rating System

Are you curious about what those numbers you see us deliver our reviews in exactly mean? Here’s a quick explanation of each one and after you’ve read this go check out some album reviews or track reviews to see it in action.


1 – It was terrible, the worst of the worst

2 – There’s a little bit of good in it but the bad is majorly outweighing it

3 – There’s more good than before but the bad outweighs it still

4 – It wasn’t that bad but it still wasn’t good

5 – It was OK. There was both good and bad and it comes out to an equal amount of both

6 – It’s good outweighs the bad by a little bit.

7 – Its was pretty good, good job. It might have a few flaws here and there but it’s good.

8 – It was pretty impressive, only a few things were off to me about it.

9 – Oh my god, it was so good. Almost perfection.

10 – This was a masterpiece and everyone needs to listen to it now


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